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Amdek + iQ

Partnering to help reduce plastic pollution

In order to support 8+billion people in the world, we need the efficiencies of technology

Disposable cutlery is
essential in today’s life.

We realize that plastics aren’t perfect: while they enable a modern lifestyle, they also bring environmental challenges, like when it, unfortunately, leaks into the environment and accumulates in the ocean.

We believe that plastics
must evolve so that we can
continue to realize its
benefits – but reduce
environmental impacts.

Amdek continues to research promising technologies making breakthroughs that are crucial to the hemp plastic industry.

Hemp Hurd

We are working to displace up to 30% fossil-based plastics with a naturally sourced material, such as hemp hurd. Our goal is to source hemp “waste” from local farmers to support the community and lower costs.

iQ technology                     

We are displacing an additional 10% of fossil
based plastics with a plant-based material
that has demonstrated the potential to help
normal plastics biodegrade* faster. That
doesn’t mean all plastics magically go
away, but does make plastic behave a little
bit more like wood: durable while in use,
and more compatible with nature’s
biodegradation systems, which means less
persistent micro plastics.

The Reality of Biodegradation

While there’s still plenty to learn, we know that iQ increases real-world biodegradation*
of all plastics. It is fair to state that adding iQ to PE, PP and PS can only reduce the total amount of plastics (and microplastics) that will persist in our oceans:

Increased biodegradability doesn’t make it ok to throw plastics in the environment. But
it does give nature a better chance to remediate some of our unavoidable messes.

To learn more about how our utilization of iQ technology affects the environment, please visit BioLogiQ.com

The Partnership

Partnering with iQ show’s Amdek’s commitment to supporting technologies that reduce microplastics accumulation in the ocean.

Why IQ


Partnering with iQ shows
Amdek’s commitment to
reducing use of fossil resources
and helping the environment.


Bioplastics are often cost-prohibitive
or just don’t perform like traditional
thermoplastics. iQ gives us the ability to mix bioplastics, and plant-based fillers, with inert polymers to meet performance and economic goals.


We would love to use 100%
bioplastics, but right now, that
just is not possible. Using iQ, we
can move the ball in the right direction to real world implementation of more sustainable solutions.

When you choose Amdek, you are supporting innovative technologies are working to move the needle enabling society to continue to utilize the benefits of plastics forever

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*Virtually all products impact the environment. Improving biodegradation alone doesn’t render a product sustainable, but it has potential to reduce plastics pollution
(including microplastics). Plastics with 20% iQ have demonstrated up to 100% biodegradation in as little as one year under non-typical conditions (ideal ASTM D5511 and
D5338). Plastics with 1% iQ have demonstrated 40% biodegradation in two years under the same non-typical conditions, no evidence of further biodegradation. Tests
under ASTM D6691-09: “Standard Test Method For Determining Aerobic Biodegradation Of Plastic Materials In The Marine Environment By A Defined Microbial
Consortium Or Natural Sea Water Inoculum” indicate that 20% iQ helped a polyethylene and a polypropylene blend to biodegrade 45-55% in 3 years, no evidence of
further biodegradation. Biodegradation of plastics with iQ in typical conditions (e.g., oceans) is currently being evaluated, but it is already demonstrated that replacing
some polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) by NuPlastiQ can only reduce the total amount of persistent plastics (and microplastics).