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"Your have some of the nicest, most helpful people there that I know."

"This (cost saving) project saved our company $80,000 per year."

"Amdek is a key member of our project team and we are grateful to have you."

Amdek, Inc.
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Molding Solutions

Amdek Molding Solutions:

Custom plastics molding-- 25 to 200 ton capacity

Custom pad printing-- 1 to 5 color. Laser plate making. Laser marking. Hot stamping

3-D Product design-- Using Pro-E or Solidworks software 3-D design and 3-D prints. 3-D prototypes

Injection mold tooling-- Using both domestic and off shore tooling sources. 100% guaranteed

Project Management-- Medical devices, switch assemblies, molded/decorated/assembly.

Ultrasonic Welding-- Plastics welding Joining of plastics.

Heat staking-- Seal and parts assemblies.

Biodegradable and Compostable products-- Food service items, disposables, custom products.

Natural starch based polymer material-- 100 % natural or blends for various applications.

Product Design & Development

Amdek works closely with our customers during the Product Design and Development process. Helping with or creating designs that are cost effective with minimal tooling.

Our top two engineers have hundreds of succesful tooling projects under their belt. Pro E and Solidworks are used for the 3-d design. 2-d prints are offered in Autocad.

Experienced in multiple part, tight tolerence assemblies. Metal to plastic conversions is our specialty. Experienced in natural starch material product design for compostable materials.

Our Microvu measure systems helps us with our small, high precision plastic part design and analyzation. We have the capability to e-mail any view to our customers for imediate review.

Part design and 3-d prints available in days.

Tooling Services

Early involvment with our customers in the Tooling Process results in quicker turn around, less tool cost, robust designs, and lower part costs. Our experienced design team have hundreds of tools with precise tolerancing. Multi part assemblies and metal to plastic conversions are our main stay.

Solid Works and Pro E are both used for 3-D designs and 3-D prints. 2-D prints output and tolerenced in Auto Cad.

Amdek guarentees all tool run in house for LIFE. Not a single customer has ever had to pay for a repair to a tool. Even at over 2 million cycles and going strong. Cleaning, maintenance, lubrication, and proper design and specification are all key to longevity.

Give us a chance to serve you. From 10 parts to 10 million, we can meet your industrial, electronic, or medical device needs for plastic molded products.

Injection Molding

Amdek Injection Molding solutions are designed to meet your needs. From 33 to 200 tons, our Cincinatti Milicron Vista machines can supply you quality parts for you electronic, medical, industrial, or other custom application, we can help.

We pamper our customers with friendly attitude, accurate information, and quick responce. Experience in all aspects of molding, value added operations, and ship from stock quality and convienence help add to our customers bottom line.

Material Processing

Custom compounding of bio-based thermoplastic polymers for unique applications are available through our alliance with Nviroplast.

Compostable or biodegradeable starch based polymers can be suited to many needs.
Very hospitital to processing and resistant to heat history, this material is a pleasure to run.

Call us for any natural material needs.

CContract Manufacturing

Hand assembly, gluing, UV’s, sonic welding, hot stamping, pad printing, heat staking and laser marking are some of the secondary operations that support our contract manufacturing.

By consolidating parts and processes our customers save money and greatly simplify their ordering.

Let us know if there is any contract manufacturing requirements that we can help you save money.

Quality Assurance

Our quality has always started with our people. Everyone know their job is always to do quality work in all things. Statistical analysis, FMEA, and other Fusion quality systems are employed for each customer as required. Amdek good manufacturing practices and long standing quality systems are the bases upon which other special requirements are built.

We employ highly accurate Micro Vu video digital measuring technology. QI Macros supplies the statistical horse power. Tooling validation and other standard medical requirements are met daily at Amdek.

We are or have been a ship to stock vendor for Mitsubishi, Tayor Made, Pelikan, Chrysler, and Eaton.

Product Samples

Amdek is always ready to provide product samples. We can sample print your parts. We can sample your tool in compostable material. What ever the need, we will be glad to help get you what you require!

Call us today at 256-778-8141 for any product sampling needs.